Volunteer Opportunities
Join the Family.
We have volunteer opportunities to match a wide range of interests and time commitment.
Faith Community Engagement
Every church/ faith community that partners with our Bridges program ( previously titled Interfaith Hospitality) has a coordinator that works with volunteers. Check with your church's coordinator to host families overnight at your church, help with set up and tear down, or serve a meal.

If your church/ faith community is new to serving with us or has only served with Bridges and wants to be more involved, consider signing up to do a group project below or contact Marianne Sfeir, Volunteer Director to plug you in!

All faith communities are welcome!!
Contact Marianne
Group Projects
Serve with your church, school, business, family, yoga class, bingo crew, roller derby team... you get the point.

Come serve dinner, help with child care, organize a supply drive, or work on a facilities project.

We have opportunities for both small and large groups and love to have kids over!

Group Application
Individual Volunteers
Looking to use your time and skills in a meaningful and practical way? Want a regular opportunity to build relationships with families?

We look for skilled individuals to help support our programs in varying ways. Apply below or read on below to learn more about our volunteer positions!
Individual Application
Develop marketable job skills and empower the underserved.

Read our internship description below. To apply send a resume and cover letter to Marianne Sfeir, msfeir@familypromiseofspokane.org
Family Promise Internship
Volunteer Positions
Choose how you'd like to serve as an individual volunteer!
Care Specialist
Participate in the daily operational tasks of running Open Doors and build relationships with families!

Commitment: Weekly, 2-4 hrs, 3 mths
Location: 631 Richard Allen Court
Van Driver
Drive families to and from church-stays.
Something about windshield time, creates priceless conversations.

Commitment: Weekly, 2-4 hrs, 3 mths
Location: 904 E Hartson Ave.
Food Specialist
Play a vital role in the feeding of families. Transport food from various food sites to sustain Open Doors.

Commitment: Weekly, 1.5 hrs, 3 mths
Location: 631 Richard Allen Court

Family Services Specialist
Join a team of case managers, counselors, pastors, and life coaches to help provide social and psychological support to families.

Commitment: Weekly, 2-4 hrs, 3 mths
Location: 631 Richard Allen Court

Resource Representative
Build connections across Spokane to bring in supplies and items to offset costs of our programs.

Commitment: Hours vary
Location: Can be done remotely
Kids Activities
Come and play! Prepare activities for kids to keep them engaged in a healthy way.

Commitment: Weekly, 2-4 hrs, 3 mths
Location: 631 Richard Allen Court
Facilities Team
Assist with specific maintenance, construction, or installment projects.

Commitment: Varies by project
Location: Varies
Volunteer Recruiter or Manager
Work as a team to spread the vision of Family Promise and encourage community engagement. Recruiters serve as ambassadors of Family Promise and as volunteer matchmakers. Managers assist with the administration and coordination of
volunteers. Leadership position.

Commitment: Weekly, 7-10 hrs, 3 mths
Location: Varies
Special Skills
Have any special skills you'd like to share with us? Go ahead an fill out a volunteer application!
Family Promise Internship

We're looking for highly motivated and awesome people to commit to 10 hours per week. Interns will be responsible for assisting Family Promise staff to create a safe, non-judgemental environment for transitioning families. If you have a servant heart, love getting tasks accomplished, and enjoy taking ownership of projects, then this is the position for you!


Because you get...

  • Marketable job skills

  • Mentoring

  • Resume building

  • A chance to invest in your community and do something meaningful


Key Tasks

Case Management

Volunteers and interns will get to shadow staff who provide coaching to guests. This provides an opportunity for interns to learn about, observe, and practice:

  • Intake interviews

  • Effective case management

  • Action plan development

Volunteer Coordination

Volunteers play a central role in the running of the shelter. Additionally, there is a variety of tasks for volunteers to do. Interns receive training in order to help staff by:

  • Recruiting volunteers, via phone, social media, word of mouth ...etc

  • Organizing the volunteer schedule and calendar

  • Training in-coming volunteers

  • Working to develop strong relationship between Open Doors and volunteers

  • Assist in leading group volunteer projects

Shelter Tasks

Open Doors is a place where families are welcome to come relax and recharge in order to get back on track. We provide services including food, showers, computers, laundry, and coaching.In order to ensure organization and efficiency, interns will assist staff by:

  • Keeping inventory of food supply.

  • Monitoring showering, laundry, coaching, and computer schedules.

  • Transporting guests and food

  • Assisting with administrative tasks

Customized Internships

As an intern you'll be awarded a lot of freedom in the tasks you choose. We work one-on-one with each intern to develop specialized internship goals that act as guideposts to develop in your areas of interest. If you have any talents such as graphic design, writing, photography, child development, maintenance, construction, networking, administration, event planning, we'd love it if you shared them with us!

Intern Project

Each student who interns with us gets to devise and implement a project of their choosing. These projects serve the double purpose of helping develop our scope as an organization while helping to build your resume.

Some examples of intern projects from the past include:

  • Creating an extensive health resource manual of local providers for our shelter

  • Designing a brochure for our center

  • Entering donor data into our database

  • Connecting us with local community partners

  • Developing kids programs

  • Painting our new office

*A minimum of 10 hrs a week. We're open 24 hrs, 7 days a week.


Excellent intern candidates are

  • Comfortable relating to homeless families and with being in the neighborhood in which the Shelter is located - 631 S Richard Allen Ct, Spokane, WA 99202

  • Self-starters, unafraid to take initiative, notice needs around the shelter and address them. We look for interns who are motivated to take on projects and run with them.

  • Flexible. Everyday is different than the next at our shelter and it's difficult to predict when issues will arise that change the course of your work.

  • Able to work independently, as well as collectively with guests, volunteers and staff

  • Optimistic, energetic and have a desire to serve others

  • Be punctual and prepared

  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills

To apply : Please email a resume and cover letter to msfeir@familypromiseofspokane.org

Please specify the types of tasks and skills you're interested in pursuing in your cover letter.

To Apply or Inquire

Contact Marianne Sfeir

Personnel Recruitment and Development, Director

Family Promise of Spokane, 904 E Hartson Ave, Spokane WA 99202

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